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A cookie is a file created in the browser when accessing the website that is installed on the com-puter, tablet, smartphone or device with access to the user's web browsing.
Our system for measuring and analysing website traffic uses cookies that allow us to collect data from the User for statistical purposes, such as the date of the first visit or the number of times that has been visited. However, if needed, users can disable and/or remove these cookies by fol-lowing the instructions corresponding to their Internet browser.
What kind of cookies we use?

Persistent cookies: This type of cookies allows SEMAT to remember the User information and its adjustments.
Cookies are strictly necessary: For example, those that are used for correct navigation or to as-sure that the website content is loaded effectively.
Third party cookies: For example, those used by external content supplements.
Analytical cookies: The information obtained through these cookies is used to analyse traffic patterns on the website. Ultimately, this allows us to provide a better experience to improve the content and to facilitate its use.

The user may configure, freely and at any time, their privacy parameters, in relation to the instal-lation of cookies, through their browser. These procedures are subject to be updated or altered by the browser developers, so we cannot guarantee that they fully comply with the latest version available at all times. You can find more information at:



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